Each duplex is designed to house 40 orphans; we currently have 38 children. We hope to start construction on the second duplex soon so we can welcome more destitute orphans into the Home. It breaks down to just $1,000 to provide a child with a secure, Christ-centered, permanent place to live.

HHCH Duplex

Daryl Young has been missionary pilot in Cameroon with JAARS for the past 15 years. He is running his first ever marathon in San Francisco at age 53!

Daryl’s goal is to raise a total of $100,000! $40,000 of this will go towards the second duplex at Helping Hands Children’s Home, and $60,000 for JAARS to help purchase a much needed helicopter for Cameroon missions.

Please share this with your family, church, small group, etc. Lets work together to accomplished this amazing goal that will help spread the Gospel in Cameroon!

What is My Missionary Marathoner?

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